Youth High Adventure Trip-2010-Canada


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Youth High Adventure Trip - May 2010 -

Canoe Trip to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Note:  This article is taken from the July 2010 Trinity Tidings

Wow!  What an adventure!  We had two groups go up to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. 

Adv Trip Canada 2010
Group #1
Made up of Dan Johnson, Anthony & Andrew Mehr, Chris &  Jessa Hastings, Dana & Justin Hanson, Aaron Niklaus and Erin Anderson
;  went up North on May 28th and hit the water on May 29th in the pouring rain.  Lightning came and they needed to find a campsite, so they cleared timber on a very slanted hill and had a really tough night, with 4 inches of rain that pooled in the tents.  The next day was brutal…pouring rain and 14 portages.  Group #1 saw sunshine a couple days, but the trip was still awesome. 
Adv Trip Canada 2010

Highlights included very unique people and conversations with warm drink by the fire on the trip, crazy amounts of wildlife including over 10 bears- 3 of which were babies up in a bare tree.  Several moose-one big bull, and a Woodland Caribou, and excellent fishing (Lakers, Walleyes, Pike) marked by 40 fat pike caught out of one bay.  Group #1 put on some serious mileage-roughly 85 miles of paddling and portaging. 

Adv Trip Canada 2010 Adv Trip Canada 2010
Adv Trip Canada 2010 Adv Trip Canada 2010 
Adv Trip Canada 2010 Adv Trip Canada 2010


On June 5th Group #2
Made up of Jeff & Jed Rusk; Mike, Laura, & Luke Boran; Aspen Heilman, and Pastor Hans
;  joining them from group #1 was Aaron Niklaus and Justin Hanson) drove up to Red Lake, Ontario, then flew into Donald Lake…deep in the park.  Group #2  flew in, unloaded packs and food, then Group #1 flew out to Red Lake, then drove home.
Adv Trip Canada 2010

Group #2 paddled and portaged their way South then East through the Adventure River system.  The trip was full of laughs and fish frys.  Group 2 put in 62 miles with lots of rapids and portages.  All in all, despite a funky weather system…a great time was had by all.  

Adv Trip Canada 2010      Adv Trip Canada 2010 
Adv Trip Canada 2010   Adv Trip Canada 2010
Adv Trip Canada 2010  Adv Trip Canada 2010 

Thanks to all who came on the trip and to those generous individuals who financially supported the trip and to you all the people of Trinity.  This wild experience will live in us the rest of our lives!

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Pastor Hans

Enjoy more pictures from our trip.