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History Summary of Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church traces its beginning back to the fall of 1885 when Bishop Knut K. Bjorgo of the Norwegian Synod came to this area and conducted services on various occasions for Norwegian settlers in Long Lake Township. Bishop Bjorgo continued to serve this congregation, which was called the Brainerd Evangelical Lutheran Church, until 1888, when the constitution was adopted and Pastor Hans A. Nodshilder was called as the pastor.

1889 A small building was built at the corner of Tenth and Oak Streets and housed not only the church, but also a school where English was taught to the Scandinavian immigrants.
1890 The name of the church was changed to the Norwegian-Danish Lutheran Church.
1932 The name of the church was again changed to Trinity Lutheran Church.
1957 Trinity moved to its present location
1988 Trinity became a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America through a merger of the former ALC (Trinity's former alliance), LCA and AELC churches.
1990 The addition of the Commons area, offices and classrooms was completed.
2000 Throughout the year 2000, Trinity began a visioning and restructuring process.
2006 Addition to and reconfiguration of sanctuary, nave and offices completed. Gathering Area added.
Our mission of Caring, Sharing and Outreach will continue to guide Trinity's ministry for years to come.


Pastors of Trinity Lutheran Church:

Knut K. Bjorgo (organizer) 1885-1888
Hans A. Nodshilder 1888-1889
John R. Rorvik 1889-1892
T.J. Tonneson 1892-1894
Dorotheus J. Growe 1894-1904
Thore L. Rosholt 1905-1907
Christian Haugstad 1907-1916
Andreas Sorenson 1916-1919
Edward R. Rorem 1919-1921
Karl Stromme 1921-1922
Oscar L. Bolstad 1922-1947
Kermit O. Graves 1947-1963
Chester E. Hoversten 1964-1987
Arlo Feiock 1965-1966
Gary Sartain 1971-1973
Ron Gilthvedt 1973-1979
Michael Fibranz 1980-1984
David P. Holte 1984-Present
Lynn Ronsberg 1988-1992
Paul Ellens 1993-1994
Marggi Pleiss-Sippola 1994-1996
Juli Sutton-Deem 1997-2004
James Almquist (visitation) 1998-2007
Hans Anderson 2005-Present


Detailed History "Trinity Through the Years"  1885 to 2006

Trinity's first church

"Trinity through the Years"
 Brainerd, MN
1885 to 2006
The late Verdelle Goble, spent much time researching and compiling the history of Trinity in facts and pictures. 

Read more about our past by clicking on "Trinity Through the Years" .  This is presented in pdf format.